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Find Our STREET KINDNESS Campaign on Tiktok!

Most days during and after the pandemics, our online feeds are so inundated with negativity—between new COVID-19 variance and just about all other bad news.

Sometimes we can be easy to forget all the good the world has to offer even during this harsh time specially in NYC, increasing crime rate and Asian hate has been the topic for every New Yorkers.

Thankfully, we decided to take actions and support our local vendors out there that working hard for the city, weather they are attracting tourism back to NYC, or just the basic building blocks of our economy – small business workers and owners. 


Find DOVIANA STREET KINDNESS campaign on Tiktok!


Our “Street Kindness” campaign wants to share our love and support to all these hard-working people. Also letting you know there are still some positive contents out there share kindhearted, uplifting videos for people to enjoy.

So far, we have done about more than 39 episodes of “Street Kindness” videos on TikTok, Instagram, etc.

All our gift recipients were showing huge amount of support of our campaign. When we introduced ourselves to them and telling them what we are doing, many of our recipients was super surprised that we are giving them a small gift to them.


Find DOVIANA STREET KINDNESS campaign on Tiktok!


Most our gift including smiley face ring, heart hoop earrings or other lovely accessories, and an encouraging note that highlights “love” and “good vibes”.

The creator of these uplifting video creator is Doviana’s Founder Leann. She has been sharing clips from her recent visits at several markets and vendor spots throughout NYC for weeks now.


Find DOVIANA STREET KINDNESS campaign on Tiktok!


Her approach to this campaign is perpetually gratifying, as she gifts ring, gift note, and generally engages in wholesome interactions with her recipients.

Recently, her videos spotlighting a vendor at Bryant Park have been getting extra attention. People can’t get enough of Meadow’s reaction, a beautiful girl work at the front desk. Meadow’s charming energy and wholesome reactions earned many viewers and likes.


Find DOVIANA STREET KINDNESS campaign on Tiktok!


In more than a year of seemingly endless negativity, “Street Kindness” is a wholesome change of pace and a welcome reminder of all the good in the world.

Please do your part in your local area if you can, to show people love in your own way.


How to find us: Tiktok


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