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How to Remove Your Piercing Jewelry at Home

So, you've got some fresh piercings that have finally healed, and now you're itching to switch up your look with some new bling. But before you dive into swapping out your piercing jewelry, let's talk about how to do it safely and effectively right at home.


Removing Threadless Flat Back (Push-pin Studs)

  1. Firmly grasp both ends of the earring.
  2. While holding the flat back post in place, twist and pull out the 'top'—the decorative piece of the stud.
  3. Note: When you pull out the top, you'll notice a slight bend in the post—this is normal and helps the top latch securely into its labret. For more details, read our article about the threadless flat backs.

 14K Solid Gold Petite Star Celestial Threadless Labret Flat Back Nap Earring by Doviana


Removing Clickers

  1. Clickers have a subtle hinge and closure that clicks in and out. Locate the hinge and closure by gently feeling around the earring with your thumbnail or ask a friend for assistance.
  2. Find the closure point and click the hinged portion out, away from the rest of the earring.

Classic 14K Solid Gold Clicker 8mm Nap Hoop Earring by Doviana


Removing Seamless Rings (Fixed Bead Rings)

  1. Seamless rings feature a fixed bead that doesn't move at the point of closure. The bead reduces movement in your ear, aiding in quicker healing.
  2. Hold the earring on either side of the ball and twist your fingers (and the earring) in opposite directions away from each other.
  3. As you twist, the earring should open up, resembling the beginning of a spiral.

 14K Solid Gold Ball Ring Orbital Daith Cartilage Seamless Nap Hoop Earring by Doviana


By following these simple steps, you can confidently remove your piercing jewelry at home with ease. Just remember to handle everything gently and take your time. And if you're ever unsure or uncomfortable, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional piercer for assistance. Happy accessorizing!

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